Hidayah Fund (Dana Hidayah) is a special fund established by the Hidayah Education Center (PPH) to accommodate the new development of 2 schools under PPH, that are: Hidayah Islamic Primary School (SRIH) and Hidayah Islamic Secondary School (SMIH). All donations to the fund will be expended for infrastructure development of the schools, especially for the construction of new buildings to upgrade classrooms, teachers' room, prayer room, labs, workshops, library and so forth.

School buildings development so far:

4-story building to accommodate teachers' rooms and classrooms for SRIH and was ready in 2002.

3-story building that can accommodate men and women Prayer Room, Multipurpose Hall for SMIH and was ready in 2007.

The next development plan for the construction of school buildings is to replace the old 2 single-story buildings with 2 new 3-story buildings and 1 workshop for SMIH. The approximate cost is RM3.5 million. The construction of the new school buildings is to accommodate the increasing number of students, the required classrooms and other facilities. The development of the first building (As-Syafie) has started in early 2011 with the amount spent shown in the main page.

The following are a few pictures of the old school buildings that need to be replaced:

The old building (single-story) that need to be replaced with a new building (3-story and will be named As-Syafie) - the new building will accomodate the classroom, library, workshops, teachers' rooms, labs, meeting room and shop for SMIH.

The old buildings (single-story) that need to be replaced with a new building (3-story building and will be named At-Taqwa) - the new building will accommodate the classrooms, meeting room, computer room, library, workshops, and shop for SRIH.

How can you contribute to the Hidayah Fund?
We would like to suggest the following methods of contribution that you can choose from:
  • Direct contribution to the Hidayah Fund by banking-in to the fund banks' accounts as listed below: (under the name of Dana Hidayah). Please inform your contributions by 'sms-ing' the chairman of Hidayah Fund at +6019-7757328 (Dr. Kamarul Baharin Tawi).

Malayan Banking Berhad  551306500918 
Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad  01020001215710 

  • Contribution by check (payable to "Dana Hidayah") and send your check to:
Chairman of  Hidayah Fund,
Pusat Pendidikan Hidayah
Kg. Sinaran Baru,
Km 26, Jalan Johor Bahru,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia
  • Contribution in the form soft loans (without profit) to the Hidayah Fund. Any amount is accepted and the Hidayah Fund will pay back the amount within specified period of time and with the agreed term of conditions. The form for the soft loan can be obtained from Hidayah Education Center (PPH). (please contact Ustaz Mohd Jelani Ramly at +6019-7166451, email:
  • Contribution in the form of 'bank loan' where you make a bank loan on behalf of the Hidayah Fund and we will pay to the bank according to agreements signed with the bank (least recommended).
  • Infaq Fisabilillah - contribute RM100/square-foot for both buildings that will be constructed.
  • The donation from 'bank interest' from your bank account is also accepted and it will only be used for the construction of toilets and bathrooms. The money should be clearly stated and have to be paid directly to the school to avoid it be mixed with the Hidayah Fund.

  For more information, please contact:
Dr. Kamarul Baharin Tawi (Chairman of Hidayah Fund)
email: or
hp: +6019-7757328, fax: +607-5570882

All donations (RM500 and above) in cash/check are eligible for exemption from income tax. PPH will issue official receipts to enable you claim income tax exemption. Please provide your full name and IC number (as required to be written on the tax-exempt receipt), and mailing address to post the receipt to.

May our efforts will be blessed by Allah and Hidayah Islamic School will continue its efforts to achieve further success in producing 'insan Rabbani' as stated in the philosophy and vision of the schools.

On behalf of the Hidayah Fund we would like to say Jazakallahu Khayran (جزاك الله خيرا) for your contributions.
May Allah guide us to the right path. Amin